Absoluxe Suites

We invite you to explore the four corners of the world in our travel themed hotel-style suites. A diverse collection of incredible escapes for you to enjoy.

There is a theory throughout history, that some have believed. A theory that the world is flat. Ancient explorers and mariners spoke of 4 angels, who were known to guard and protect each corner of the earth. A mythical belief that guided the founders of the new world to undiscovered lands.

In our travel themed hotel rooms at Absoluxe in Cumbria’s Kirkby Lonsdale we want to take you on a journey of discovery. A journey to the furthest corners of the world. From the canopies of the Congo to the metropolitan streets of Paris. From the cultural symbolism of the Far East to your arrival at the New World.

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Included in absolute luxury

  • Parking Available
  • Breakfast included
  • Exclusively adults only
  • Customisable Extras
Kirkby Lonsdale

The Oasis

Enjoy a well-deserved ‘soak’ in your own private hot tub before putting your feet up in our dedicated luxurious media lounge complete with discreet easy to use technology.

Kirkby Lonsdale

The Parisian

Spend the night in our ivory carved bed with velvet upholstery, after enjoying a glass of champagne in our free-standing copper bath. The romantic Parisian suite has a separate dressing area, traditional French style bathroom suite and an abundance of femininity.

Kirkby Lonsdale

The Columbus

Inspired by Christopher Columbus’s discovery of America. Our penthouse suite combines vintage industrial design with stunning views over the Yorkshire dales.

Kirkby Lonsdale

The Orient

Inspired by the colours of China, the traditions of Japan and the cultural essence of Thailand, The Orient encapsulates the ambience of the Far East.