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March 10, 2020

Why fresh air is the best medicine.

At Absoluxe, we never take for granted our picturesque setting in the great outdoors. We are lucky enough to be on the boarder of both the Yorkshire Dales National Park and The Lake District. Providing a great expanse of fresh air to all it’s visitors.

While we may have grown up playing in parks and frolicking through fields, as adults, many of us spend the majority of our time inside. But all of those hours spent outside as a child were actually good for more than using up our unlimited energy. As it turns out, science shows that some fresh air really will do you good!
Therefore, at Absoluxe we encourage our guests to explore the benefits of rambling through the miles and miles of countryside right on our doorstep.

Energise with Oxygen

If you spend a lot of time cooped up at home or in an office, you may find yourself feeling the effects of fatigue. This may not always be due to lack of sleep or hours spent in front of a computer: it may be due to the limited amount of fresh air you’re getting. A number of studies show that visiting your local beach, park or forest could help you increase your energy levels and help sharpen the mind.

Clear the air

Your Lungs dilate more from having an increase of Oxygen, so fresh air improves the cleansing of your lungs. By increasing the amount of fresh air we get, will increase the amount of oxygen which helps our white blood cells function more effectively by fighting bacteria and germs.

Improve your well-being

Due to our ever increasing stressful lives, it is of vital importance to take some time to step back and breath. The more fresh air you get, the more oxygen you will inhale. Which in turn will increase the amount of serotonin (the happy hormone) in your body. consequently improving your well-being.

Lake District Air

Did you know? Lake District ‘Million-Air’ Bottled Oxygen sells online for up to $103,700.00 the sellers website states that “Our Bottled Oxygen provides fresh, clean air aimed to boost your health and happiness. Containing air from the cleanest areas of the world” Why not get a lung full for free while visiting the suites!

Take a look at our guide to rambling routes around Kirkby Lonsdale to help plan your visit.

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