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January 4, 2020

Treasures of Kirkby Lonsdale

We believe Kirkby Lonsdale is a honey pot of beautiful scenery and historical charm. To help you plan your stay with us, check out our 6 reasons to visit Kirkby Lonsdale.


Ruskin’s View

Made famous by the art critic and writer John Ruskin. Who in 1815 came to Kirkby Lonsdale to see the view that inspired William Turners infamous painting. He spoke of the view “I do not know in all my own country, still less in France or Italy, a place more naturally divine, or a more priceless possession of true Holy Land.”

Regardless of the time of year you visit Kirkby Lonsdale, the view is guaranteed perfection. And remains one of the key reasons thousands of people every year come to visit Kirkby Lonsdale.


99 Steps / radical steps

Need to walk off that pub lunch? Then the Radical Steps are the perfect challenge. Known to locals as the ’99 steps’ the hike links the River Lune to Ruskin’s View. The steps are uneven and can be slippery in wet weather. However, the view at the end is well worth the climb.


Devils Bridge

The story behind How Devils Bridge got its name goes something like this….

The tail begins with an old woman, who lived on the banks of the River Lune. One day her cow strayed across the river and would not be tempted back, no matter how much she coaxed and implored. The devil appeared to her, offering to build a bridge in exchange for the soul of the first body to cross it. The devil constructed the bridge with his own hands, leaving a print in the wet stone. The next day the woman met the devil at the bridge and agreed to fulfil her part of the bargain. She took a bun from her bag and threw it across the bridge, whereupon her small dog raced across to retrieve it. The devil, in a fit of rage at being outwitted, howled in anger and vanished in a cloud of brimstone.

Today you can still see the hand print left by the devil on the Apex of the bridge.

Text taken from the Kirkby Lonsdale Website


St Marys Church

Dating back to the 12th century the church has been at the heart of the community ever since. With its traditional Norman architecture and beautiful gardens, the church is a great sight to wonder on a crisp afternoon. Today the church is home to Concerts, festivals and theatre productions as well as weekly services.


Market Square

The square has been a bustling marketplace since 1227 and still holds an active market every Thursday. Where you can treat yourself to some tasty local delicacies. The square has also been featured in blockbuster films at TV shows, such as BBC’s Jamaica Inn and Disney’s recent remake of Dr Doolittle.


River Lune

During the summer months the River Lune becomes a hive of activity. From open water swimmers, canoeists and fishing. It is also a hot spot of a spot of BBQing and on the occasional day even a bit of sunbathing! The river winds itself from its beginnings in Ravenstonedale to the coast just outside of Lancaster.


Have we inspired you to visit our picturesque market town?

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