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February 7, 2021

Nice to “knows” about your stay at Absoluxe!

We want to make your stay at Absoluxe as stress free as possible, so you can enjoy all the luxuries the suites have to offer. Here you will find some helpful information regarding your stay. From your arrival, to breakfast, to the tech!

Your Absoluxe Arrival

You can park right outside the front door to unload your luggage and collect your car park pass. The entry to the suites is via a keypad on the door.  An email will also be sent to you before you arrive. With all the details you will need for your Absoluxe Arrival!

Car Parking

Kirkby Lonsdale is an old cobbled market town. Because of this car parking spaces with properties are few and far between. So we have passes for you to park in one of 3 car parks around the town. None of them are far from the suites.



The aim of the suites is to give you a break from the ordinary so there is no visible reception but one of our cleaning fairies is likely to be tickling the suites as you arrive. Please ask them about anything you may need.


Your Suite

In each suite is a welcome folder talking you through all the items you are likely to have as a question –  well, we hope we have covered it all but if not we are on call and happy to answer any questions 07944 414565



The most important meal of the day!

Complimentary breakfast is provided a short walk along Main Street to The Sun Inn. Where you can choose from any number of different items from their award winning breakfast menu. Breakfast is served between 8:30am – 10:00am. Your vouchers will be in your suite on arrival.



Each suite has a small fridge and you will find soft drinks and Alcoholic beverages for your enjoyment. There will also be fresh semi skimmed milk placed in here each day


Room Technology

Everything you need to know about how things work in the suite will be in the welcome pack. However, we promise you it has all been made very easy to use. So you get maximum enjoyment out of your suite.


Boot Room

If you love to walk and that is what your stay is all about we have made a special room on the ground floor called the “Boot Room’ for you to hang up damp/wet coats and place your boots. Toasty and warm to get them dry for you! Oh there is also a first aid kit in here just in case……..!


The 2 suites located on the ground floor (The Oasis & Orient) are accessed via a small number of external steps leading to the property. Access to The Parisian and Columbus Suites are accessed via the main staircase and are not suitable for those with physical impairments. If you would like more details surrounding accessibility to these suites please get in touch.

All of our suites are fitted with pre-programmed lighting scenes. Which enables the strength of the light in the suite to be altered. Lights can be dimmed to help those with light sensitivity. They can also be made brighter to assist those with vision impairments. All our suites are fitted with black out blinds to cut out all external light. This helps in creating the right environment for all our guests.
Our suites have all been fitted with sound cancelling insulation. To help those with sensitive hearing, or guests who require a quiet environment to sleep.
All our bathrooms are also fitted with walk-in showers providing easy accessibility.
If you have any special requirements you would like to discuss before you book your stay with us please feel free to get in touch. We hope to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.


We can’t wait for your Absoluxe Arrival!

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