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July 3, 2019

Kirkby Lonsdale Summer Guide

There’s no better place during those summer months than relaxing in Kirkby Lonsdale ’s picturesque surroundings! Check out our guide below on how to fill those summer days.


Bars and restaurants

Kirkby Lonsdale has a plethora of beautiful restaurants and fabulous beer gardens to enjoy during the summer months. Why not sip a chilled glass of wine (or Champagne if you fancy) while soaking up the evening sun. We recommend Number 9, there is a little hidden gem of a beer garden tucked away at the back. They also have a fantastic array of Gins to enjoy with plenty of ambient lighting in the evening. The Kings arms and The Snooty Fox also have recently renovated outdoor spaces for you to enjoy. If your craving something sweet, don’t miss out on a visit to The Milking Parlour. Famous amongst the locals for its incredibly indulgent home made ice cream with ever imaginable flavour.


Take in the view

As the sun begins to set there is no better place to be than absorbing the surroundings of Ruskin’s View. A short walk through the church yard leads you to one of the counties most famous viewpoints. Famously painted by Turner in 1822, the landscape is almost unchanged since then. Its no wonder Ruskin’s view brings in thousands of visitors each year.

“I do not know in all my own country, still less in France or Italy, a place more naturally divine, or a more priceless possession of true ‘Holy Land’.” – John Ruskin


Devils Bridge

If you talk to the locals, they will be able to tell you the tale of how the bridge got its iconic name. However, today it is more famous as a hot spot for spending long lazy weekends in the sun. If you  travel down to the bridges on a Sunday afternoon you will be greeted by a roar of motorbikes, as hundreds come from miles around to meet at the bridge each Sunday. Make sure to indulge in an ice cream and dip your toes in the river to gain the full experience. The beauty spot is also a perfect place for setting up a leisurely BBQ or picnic.


Retail Therapy

Kirkby high street has a great number of Boutique shops and independent retailers to help you spend those pennies. Indulge in a treat from the chocolate shop and discover their enchanted chocolate mine! The Bath House specialise in locally made, naturally sourced products for the home, and for you. Or why not treat yourself or someone special to some unique jeweller from Sienna’s. Kirkby High Street certainly has something for everyone, where your searching for that perfect gift or a little treat for yourself!


Stretch your legs

When the sun is at its highest in the sky during those long summer months, there is no better way to enjoy the rays on your face than to ramble around Kirkby Lonsdale ’s many walking trails. The scenery at every turn is exquisite, plus there’s something for everyone regardless of ability.

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