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December 10, 2019

ECO Statement

At Absoluxe we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Below are some examples of areas we are making a conscious effort to help protect the environment.

Energy Usage

All our suites are fitted with low voltage LED lighting. Which requires very little energy to illuminate the suites. Plus, the communal lighting is all connected to a timer. The down-lights and impressive chandeliers turn themselves off  5 minutes after a client has entered their suite. They then automatically turn on once a client opens the door to their suite.
Heating can be controlled via the smart technology system. Which helps provide the most comfortable environment for our guests. However, once guests have checked out we can remotely log in to the system and turn the heating off to help save energy.
During the renovation process of the building, we lined the walls and cavities with new insulation to help prevent heat loss from the suites.

No More Plastic

At Absoluxe we understand the global concerns about the overuse of plastics in our daily lives. To help combat this issue at the suites we have made small changes that will hopefully add to the big change.
Fresh milk is served in a refrigerated reusable jug, there are no UHT cartons on site.

We use refillable glass bottles for water found in each guest fridge. Water from this area is known to be some  of the best water in the UK..
We exclusively use Bath House products in all our suites. We use the full-size bottles to minimise waste and ensure our guests have plenty of the product to use during their stay.

We returned our Council issued Wheelie bin the first week we opened. Simply because we didn’t need it. All waste produced gets separated and recycled wherever possible. We now successfully recycle up to 90% of all waste produced at the suites.

Keeping it Local

We try wherever possible to use local businesses to supply the suites. This not only supports local businesses, but it cuts down our carbon footprint.

  • Laundry is washed at the local launderette (433ft away)
  • Chocolates come from the local chocolate shop on Kirkby’s high street (446ft away)
  • Our in-room diffusers and toiletries are from The Bath House (390ft away)
  • Birthday cakes and sweet treats from Frankie’s Bakery (325ft away)
  • Wine is courtesy of Windermere wine store (21 miles away)
  • All bedding and Towels are from Out Of Eden (35 miles away)
  • Flowers come from Flower Bank florists (350ft away)
  • Balloons come from the Card Gallery (500ft away)

We would love to hear your ideas! If any of our guests have ideas onto how we can improve on any of these areas, we would love to hear from you. Simply contact us HERE.

If you would like some hints and tips about ways in which you can help protect the environment, Check out the WWF’s guide HERE

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