What makes the perfect staycation? Is it discovering the hidden and not-so-hidden gems in your own country, practically on the doorstep? Or perhaps it’s the ease of travelling with no airports to navigate or unknown languages to interpret? Whatever it is, we know you can have the most amazing time without having to travel a huge distance to arrive at your perfect destination.

If you’re taking your time to get to know the most beautiful areas of the UK, then you’re in for a real treat and we hope that you find some forever favourites! We love staycations for all sorts of reasons. There’s lots to see, they often take less planning, and you can support the local community, all while enjoying the stunning scenery and attractions available in the UK.

It’s no secret that we believe we’re located in one of the best areas for an ‘at home’ holiday. On the edge of the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District, and close to the coast, we really have the best of all worlds. We have plenty of staycation inspiration across our blog, from things to do to places to eat, you’ll be amazed at all that’s on offer in the area!

But staying in your home country can still come with its own problems. Work might be looming because you’re not ‘really’ on holiday, or you might forget to relax because you haven’t gone abroad. The important thing is to make sure that your break really is a break, and we’ve got some important staycation tips to help you make the most of your getaway. From choosing your staycation to the perfect night’s sleep, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re staying within your own four walls or visiting a new area of the UK, here’s our take on how you can have an amazing time.

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