The Special Businesses Behind Absoluxe

Absoluxe Partners

When you treat yourself to a luxury 2-3 nights away are you looking to experience something better than you have at home?

We think so.

It is an escape from the everyday routine where everything should become special and raise a “wow” from our guests.

The 2 businesses behind Absoluxe believe that everything you experience on a short break should be no less than amazing!

To that end we have used our specialisms to gain, we hope, a higher level of experience.

Aquajade specialises in the design and delivery of high-end bathrooms across the North West. They have been delivering this service for over 10 years to many delighted customers. When you have experienced an Aquajade bathroom it is hard to accept anything less

Majik House has a very different specialism in providing homes with the technology that sets them apart and makes them easy to manage.

Controlled mood lighting, great sound and TV viewing and some surprises that can all be controlled with ease. They have been sprinkling their brand of majik across the UK for 20 years.

You can discover the suites here and select your perfect luxury night away