Creating Absoluxe

About Us

The creation of a new small business very often finds its seeds in a passion. And is driven by the desire to produce something above normal expectation.

With plenty of years behind us and a wealth of travel experience, the four owners of this business have stayed in many holiday destinations. Having mentally collected the special experiences we have had and listed what made them special.

The four of us, Zuzi, Carol, Tim and Phil spent a weekend in Lyon on a culinary excursion. Staying in a wonderful boutique hotel. Over local French wine, a business plan was hatched!

It began with us both having businesses that are centres of excellence  – luxury bathrooms and smart technology and working in hospitality are a common thread to both parties.

We listed all the items that take away from a wonderful experience and looked for solutions to them.

We want,  you, our guests, to stay with us and be completely immersed in your environment and to hear you say

“You have thought of everything!”

We look forward to welcoming you to our ‘Four Corners of the World‘ aimed to provide you with “absolute luxury” stays.

Warm Wishes

Zuzi, Carol, Phil and Tim